Creating the NEW Surf Lotus Collection from Home!!

Hey everyone, just checking in on y’all to see how we are doing. I’ve been living good during this quarantine. I fled home to my parents in Wilmington. During this time, I’ve been crushing bottles of wine with my momma❤️, talking to my close friends daily, and working on the NEW Surf Lotus line. I spoke with @lord_bacchanal_art the other day and as always got me even more motivated and excited about what’s upcoming. I really want to encourage people to get creative during this time with whatever inspires you. One last thing I want to touch on - I’m praying and thinking about all the people who are being affected, especially my restaurant community and family. I’m thinking about all my co-workers I miss y’all like crazy can’t wait to get back to work and see all you weirdos. Much love,